Coaching Platform

Launch & Manage All Your Favorite Products From One Platform

Provide Personal Training, Group Coaching, and Courses

Launch your preferred products all from the same platform

Group Coaching

Introduce your group coaching program and bring on new clients in batches committed to the collective goal. Clients follow the same program, fostering a motivating group dynamic that enhances motivation and retention.
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Personal Training

Define your PT program and set prices on your website, or tailor deals for each client. Develop individual programs and goals for every client, closely monitor their progress using chat and other features to ensure they succeed.
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Offer courses, allowing clients to purchase and start at their convenience. Each client progresses through the same program at their own pace. While pricing varies, it’s generally lower than PT and Group Coaching on a monthly basis.
Who is it for?

Create programs easily that can be scaled across clients

Expand your program's versatility by catering to various fitness levels, rather than restricting it to just one.


Let clients track their own progression and goals

Ensure client success, satisfaction and loyalty by making your program focused on client progress and goals.

All Formats

Build a comprehensive offering with our workout, nutrition, and habit features

Embarking on a fitness journey isn't just about quick fixes. Our product helps you create a holistic program for lasting results.

Personal Branding

Get your own branded app universe

Stand out from the crowd with a personalised and professional client experience that matches your visual identity.

An end-to-end solution

Everything you need as an online coach to create client and business results at scale.

Coaching Platform

Handle 1000’s of clients at ease from anywhere in the world letting them achieve their dreams.

CRM & Marketing Platform
Attract and convert new customers automatically to your business.
Payment Platform
Set up tailored payment plans to clients and ensure you win them over and stay with you for a long time.
Business Platform
Understand how your business performs and what you could improve.

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