Payment Platform

Maximise Your Sales Rate & Client Loyalty

Fully Flexible Pricing

Create the perfect offer for any client

Flexible pricing is very often a deciding factor for winning a client. For example, delaying the first payment until the client receives their salary.

Manage Subscriptions

Easily manage and change subscriptions​

Get a complete subscription overview and quickly manage everything you need from your Coach Dashboard.

View Subscription Status
Get a complete overview of the client’s subscription status, terms and payment history.
Change Subscription​
Quickly process a refund or change a subscription price, status or any other term related to it.
Add One-Offs
Add one-off payments to a client’s monthly billing. I.e. as a charge for a 1:1 video consultation.
Payment Collection​

Let AI ensure that payments are collected​​

Avoid missing out on client payments through AI-powered payment collection.

Automatic Recharge
AI-driven automatic charge retries on payment fails for 28 days.
Payment Nudging In App
Client access restriction and nudging after 10 days of payment fail.
Manual Retry

Retry charging a client manually from your dashboard

Client Loyalty​

Minimise cancellations and turn old clients into new business

Meet the needs of your clients in every client situation to show you care and extend their lifetime.​

Allow For Pauses​
Enable the client pause feature with your preferred options to reduce client churn.
Personalise Cancel Flow​
Add a personal text to your cancel flow and increase the chance of useful feedback.
Win Back Nurture Flow​
Use automated marketing campaigns to re-engage and win back old clients.

Make accounting a piece of cake with automated reporting

Avoid manual admin and accounting hassle every month with your automated solution​.

An end-to-end solution

Everything you need as an online coach to create client and business results at scale.

Coaching Platform

Handle 1000’s of clients at ease from anywhere in the world letting them achieve their dreams.

CRM & Marketing Platform
Attract and convert new customers automatically to your business.
Payment Platform
Set up tailored payment plans to clients and ensure you win them over and stay with you for a long time.
Business Platform
Understand how your business performs and what you could improve.

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